Nothing to hide is a privacy infrastructure provider based in The Netherlands. We operate privacy-enhancing services world wide.

Tor operator

We operate high bandwidth Tor relays to help safeguard online freedom of expression and privacy while also overcoming tracking and mass surveillance. We wish for every human being to be able to explore and use an uncensored internet where secure and private communication is the default.

Tor bandwidth

33 Gb/s

Yearly traffic

130 petabytes

Yearly DNS queries

90 billion

Thanks! ♥

The operation of these Tor relays is largely made possible with the help of volunteers and sponsors. Thanks to their time, money, hardware, IP addresses, bandwidth and electricity an ever growing amount of Tor relays can be hosted.

Church of Cyberology

Nothing to hide is part of the Church of Cyberology. We believe individual liberty and freedom are sacred rights for any human being. As a result we believe in the sanctity of having control over your personal data and being able to communicate freely, confidentially and anonymously. In the ever-expansing realm of cyberspace, it is our mission to defend and promote these fundamental values and advocate for responsible and ethical use of technology.


For general questions and inquiries you can email mail[at]nothingtohide[dot]nl. For abuse related contact you can email abuse[at]nothingtohide[dot]nl.

Please know in advance that logging is fully disabled and no personal identifiable information can be obtained.