Tor relays

One of our services is providing Tor relays for the Tor Network. While Tor is not designed for malicious use-cases, it is true that a small amount of abuse is present on the network.

The following IP addresses are used for our Tor relays:

IP IP from IP to
IPv6 2001:67c:6ec:203:192:42:116:172 2001:67c:6ec:203:192:42:116:223

These IP addresses are used to pass-through Tor user traffic. Please note that we do not have any information about users of these Tor relays, since we don’t log anything related. That being said, we can (temporarily) block access to affected IP addresses that you own. Please contact us with the relevant information if you would like us to do so.


For abuse related contact you can email abuse[at]nothingtohide[dot]nl. Please know in advance that logging is fully disabled and no personal identifiable information can be obtained.