Being transparent is a key part of how we operate at Nothing to hide. We publish monthly reports to provide the community with insight in to requests and orders from law enforcement agencies (LEA), legal entities and natural persons. In addition we provide insight in to service metrics and the challenges we face.

We strive to publish these reports within the first week of each new month.


Below we provide some insight in to our high-level goals and objectives.

Year Plan Realisation
2023 Implement effective DDoS countermeasures
2023 Implement adequate DNS infrastructure
2023 Write and publish a Tor Operator FreeBSD handbook
2023 BSD guard/middle CW share is at least 10%
2023 BSD exit CW share is at least 10%
2022 Run high capacity Tor exit relays In December 2022 we added two high capacity servers with a large amount of Tor exit relays to the network.
2022 Run high capacity Tor guard/middle relays In April 2022 we added a high capacity server with a large amount of Tor guard/middle relays to the network.